Small pitch multi-point needle valve solution for Precision parts

MOBEST innovative technology can realize flow balance and pressure balance between single nozzle tips. 
Gate mark is good, product has better appearance, and dimension is more accurate.
Low pressure injection feature is suitable for crystalline and noncrystalline materials.


   MOBET Advantage in Precision Parts

Single nozzle heating, the temperature can be precisely controlled.
The pressure in nozzle is balanced to up to 98%, injection is smooth, products are evenly filled so as to ensure the precision is stable.
High precision product can meet strict requirements on dimension
Efficient for color changing, can change color completely in 30 shots
MOBEST has mature structure for PA, PBT, POM, LCP, PPS and materials with GF and fire proof additives.
Can deal with up to 55% GF, has valve gates suitable for metal powder, magnetic materials. Jam-free and Leakage-free are guaranteed!

   System Selection

Independent control on Nozzle temperature and Cylinder
Nozzle tips and Unions adopt high thermal conductive, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion material.
Lifetime reaches 800000 cycles.
The dimensional accuracy of the product exceeded expectations

For nozzle the minimum cavity dia is 14mm
Nozzle has even temperature profile; temperature raise or fall is within 5 degree. Nozzle body has high strength.
Nozzle tips are made of high thermal conductive material which is wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.
Lifetime is 800,000 cycles for high GF materials.


   Successful case in Precision Parts

Material:PC、PC+ABS、PA66,Fireproof Level:V0

Direct gating hot-runner system

Special Designed Hot Runner System for V0 fireproof materials. No yellow mark, no black spot.
The lowest shear flow and the best smooth flow .
To provide the best gate location which can prevent the products' surface generating streaks.
The perfect gate marks make the product surface more beautiful.

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