MOBEST HotRunner Technology Co., LTD


Dongguan MOBEST Hot Runner Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2005(http://www.moldbest.com) that is devoted to making professional in research , production and sales hot runner system, and providing the integrated solutions and  service for top hot runner market in China and abroad . The yearly rate growth of MOBEST turnover kept over 60% continuously in the last three years.


    The core technology team are from the world top brand hot runner company, with a group of R&D, engineering, and technicians, total 48 staffs in this group. All core parts are imported from Germany Hotset, America Nexthermal , Japan Punch, Sweden ASSAB etc.


    MOBEST continuously improve the R&D standard with cooperation with institute and R&D organization from domestic and overseas ,MOBEST has developed material with wear-resisting , anti-corrosion, high thermal conductivity, heat resistance properties. MOBEST also has independent research and development unique  structure hot runner like fast color change , balance injection , electric drive to improve the products’ service life up to 10 years, easily damaged parts service-life over 2 million mold times. MOBEST patent products increased nearly 10 every year. MOBEST has passed the certification of ISO9001:2008.MOBEST owns the advanced equipments and testing instruments like : slow wire cutting machine, four-axis process center , runner polish machine, five-axis deep hole drilling , the three dimension, thermal balance testing instrument, Concentricity instrument etc. MOBEST has the global thorough management and control system as well which can guarantee the long-term stable quality.


    MOBEST has independent workshop with high quality and high configuration, and we have some related efficient departments as below:

R&D division (12 staffs), Engineering division (15 staffs), technician –service division (18 staffs) , sales department 32 staffsGuangdong Dongguan area.

Domestic branch :

Jinagsu(10 staffs),Zhejiang(9 staffs),Fujian(5 staffs) Shandong(2 staffs) , Sichuan(2 staffs) Tianjin(3 staffs), other branch (27 staffs)

Abroad branches located in Mexico, Iran, Pakistan , India, Egypt etc(63 staffs). QC department(8 staffs)  Assembly department(6 staffs)& manufacture department(53 staffs) In total 330 staffs .Sales agents and service offices spread over most of big cities in China. Besides ,we’ve established 6 branches and 22 agents in China and 5 abroad branches 8 agents to implement the global marketing strategy.



    MOBEST is a company with professional research& development , manufacture ,sales hot runner system global service company. With its abundant technology experience, advanced manufacture equipment and complete modern management system, MOBEST can ensure to provide the best products in the shortest time.


    MOBEST owns a team with the top brand hot runner technology team to provide customers with professional integrated service. Such as : Mold structure analysis + plastic products analysis + Plastic injection &mold flow analysis +hot runner design METAL MATERIAL + heat conduction +fluid analysis=the integrated solutions


    MOBEST core parts are imported, such as: heating elements are imported from America Nexthermal , thermocouples are imported from Germany Hotset, Valve pin ect are imported from Japan Punch, the steel are imported from Sweden ASSAB.




    MOBEST has always focused on engineering electronic  and packaging products.

Engineering electronic Mobile phone, precision parts, household appliances ,office equipment , optical lighting ,Auto connectors etc field. Packaging : Medical packaging, upper cosmetic packaging food packaging ect. To provide our global customers the quickest service with the highest quality professional customer service team with over 5 years of rich working experience, generally, one CS staff one car to serve our customer efficiently. Our products’ standardization is over 95%, we present our VIP customer 9-star prominent service, to meet our VIP customer’s full satisfaction.


MOBEST has high quality products as well as the most favorable price in hot runner field.