MOBEST-Home appliances

   Mold with Ejector on fixed plate

Mold with Ejector on fixed plate, solve product surface issues like: burn marks, sink marks, splay marks.

   Frame molding technology

MOBEST provides products for over 2,000 customers, including more than 100 well-known brands.
In home appliance industry, MOBEST win customers’ approval by longer design life, more stable manufacturing process and most reliable materials.
Using valve gate hot runner systems to solve problems of product appearance, gate marks, hardness, etc.

   Successful Case

        TV pattern in box

        Material: ABS+PC

        Weight: 600G


        Model: MVO-A 

        Air conditioning shell
        Material ABS+V0

        Weight: 1500G


        Model: MTV-A 

        Refrigerator drawer

        Material: PS

        Weight: 800G


        Model: MVO-A