MOBEST-Food Packaging

   Advantage in Food Packaging

    MOBEST is innovative and experienced in packaing.
    Have 24, 32, 64, 96,128 cavities systems
    Gate appearance on product is good.

   Mini Nozzle

For Food packaging, caps, medical products and small items, 
Mini Nozzle is the best solution for narrow distance and deep reverse injection situations.

    Application Areas::

    Minimum Nozzle dia is 8mm,  nozzle pocket is 10mm. Suitable for PE, PP, PS and AS.


   Multi-cavities  Injection Molding 

MOBEST adopts 1.4mm dia heater,  12mm dia nozzle can be used in 14mm dia cavity.
The nozzle body is made of imported steel which is hard and wear-resistant.
Can be applied to Food Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging and other industries which requires high standard quality.