Temperature Controller

   Integrated Temperature Controller.

Temperature sensitive---MOBEST controller accurately and precisely controls temperature by the frequency of 20 times/sec.
Control---- If the actual temperature deviates to the set temperature 1, MOBEST exclusive self-optimizing Pid controlling operation will automatic adjust the temperature. The two times' check can check the actual temperature rate of change. In this way, before the temperature reaches to the set point, the temperature controller preadjusts the output of the heater to restrict or to exclude the phenomenon of overheat or non-sufficient temperature.
Start---by using phase angle start output, each heater of MOBEST' controller provides stable and precise power to get the final limiting temperature control.

   Plug-in Card Temperature Controller


        In different temperature condition you can choose multi-mode.
        The temperature control is precise, the precision can reach± 0.01 degree.
        False alarms automatic storage function.
        Soft start dehumidify function to protect the heater and to increase the heater's service life.
        Thermocouple and Heater Protection on reverse connection