MOBEST key components adopt world famous brand like Nexthermal(USA), Hotset (Germany), Punch(Japan), ASSAB(Sweden).


        Valve pin and guide bush are all customize by PUNCH, tolerance is within 0.0015mm, no jam is guaranteed.

        Holes for valve pin are machined by precision gig grinder.
        Manifold complies with pin bushing; use CMM to test the 
verticality and concentricity.

        pre-heat the system to ensure smooth movement of the valve pin. 

        The wear-resistant coating has a lifetime of 2 million cycles.


Any details will be paid attention to by MOBEST team. From the product components to the whole hot runner system,they are subject to stringent inspection and testing. All that we do is to provide the best products to our customers.


The probe and the guide line's joint is sealed in the high temperature conversion head which provides excellent sealability and moisture resistance.
The conversion head has the the ability of high mechanical strength and tensile strength,unbreakable,which is suit for many applications.Thermocouple is accurate and sensitive.

     Imported Heating Components.

        To improve the outside surface optimum load.
        The optimize heat transfer between the heater and the nozzle.
        To protect the heater avoiding the mechanical damage.
        Apply to the small size hot runner manifold.