MOBEST-Auto parts

   Integrated Hot Runner System

To stabilize the molding process by maximum.
MOBEST Plug and Play system, Integrated Hot Runner solution for preventing leakage.
Shorten the time to install hot runner in molds. Besides.
The system is pre-assembled, can avoid many potential problems that may happen during installation.


    Nozzles are screwed into Manifold.
    Heating wires, Water tubes and Oil tubes are pre-connected.
    Reduce the installation and maintenance time.
    Hot Runner Thermal Balance.
    Hot Runner Thermal Balance.
    The ideal performance on energy saving and stable temperature.

   High GF products


    Imported steel with special treatment, more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

    Forming corrosion material (PVC) and high GF material (up to 50% GF).

    Special alloy and surface treatment ensure long lifetime.

    Hot runners are designed with a lifetime of 10 years.

    Hot runners for GF products are designed for 800,000 cycles.

   Double color mold of successful cases

   Stack Side Gate System

        MOBEST integrated stack side gate system is designed for transparent PC and PMMA to make parts like vehicle lamp.Expertise R&D team can help customers do CAE, mold flow analysis, mold structure analysis, cooling system analysis.We help customers choose the best solution to develop more complicated, streamlined products.

    Perfect Surface Finish:

    Perfect gate marks.
    Lowest shearing force and Lowest lost on pressure.
    Fastest color changing.
    Special shaped nozzles and gates for 
    PMMA and PC materials.
    Optimized gate location can avoid flow marks on product surface.
    Perfect gate marks, products have better appearance.

MOBEST has over 10 years’ experience in Auto ,
Has mature structure for PA, PBT, POM, LCP, PPS and materials with GF and fire proof additives.
Can deal with up to 55% GF, realize balance injection in multi cavities molds.

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