MOBEST-3C Electronic

   MOBEST solutions for electronic parts

With 20 years’ solid experience in 3C products, MOBEST completed successful projects including Front cover, Middle frame, Back cover, Phone case, Waterproof card holder, Connector. 95% of MOBEST systems adopt standard parts. 
MOBEST has abundant experience in mobile related products and materials, accomplished many successful projects. It’s capable of helping customers solve all kinds of technical problems.


Midddle frame                                                                                         Front cover,Back cover


Connector                                                                                          Liquid silicone

   High GF products

    Imported steel with special treatment, more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

    Forming corrosion material (PVC) and high GF material (up to 50% GF)

    Special alloy and surface treatment ensure long lifetime

    Hot runners are designed with a lifetime of 10 years.

    Hot runners for GF products are designed for 800,000 cycles.



   Liquid silicone for waterproof phone

     Metal + silicone, Plastic + silicone, Glass + silicone, MOBEST innovative solutions for over-molding systems with liquid silicone, solved waterproof issue of phone.

     The high bond strength between liquid silicone and metal or plastic allows the parts to be disassembled for multiple times. Waterproof effect is stable. And parts are easily replaced. 

     MOBEST developed Valve Gate Cold Runner system, inject directly on product surface with nice gate mark, can realize full automatic production.

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